LA Kings Iceland at Paramount

LA Kings Iceland at Paramount is a historic ice rink located in the city of Paramount, California.  Most notably, it’s the birthplace of the first zamboni machine.

Now under the umbrella of ASEC & LA Kings rinks, Sawyer Agency was faced with a unique challenge: How do we balance the rich history of this structure while maintaining consistency of the LA Kings brand? It was a project that required a unique balance to be leveraged across the design, construction, and architecture of the facility.


Facility branding
Sign fabrication & installation
Social Media Templates
Web Graphics
Print collateral
Environmental graphics 
Furniture Design & Fabrication
Campaign Planning & Execution

A Robust Catalog of Resources

Sawyer Agency knew the only way to maintain consistency across all assets of the brand was to work closely with the client to define their needs and execute a flawless series of templates, assets, interior design, and environmental design without relying on outside vendors who may misinterpret or stray from brand guidelines. This big-picture vision allowed us to create a prolif set of editable assets and construction.